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valerie Fotso
I have just achieve an audiocdes MP202b/2fxs
I don't know the defaults login and password to enter web management
Thank you fo your answers
Donnie Brewer


Admin/Admin don't work
I just got a MP202, new brand (it seemed). When I go to the logon page, instead of asking to setup a new password, it asks for user name and password. Using the reset button as described in the manual doesn't change that.
After some searches I found some info that makes me believe this unit might be locked, that is the admin password and other settings were burn in to the firmware loaded. Also the unit has an additional sticker with the name ANATEL, which is a telecom company from Brazil.
Anyways, I just wanted to share my experience, and ask if any of you figure out how to gain access to the device.

Dear Customer,

Thank you for contacting AudioCodes- Microsoft UM/UC Support Forum,For Non UM/UC related issues please contact


is admin   admin
no Admin Admin
I am having the same problem. I have some MP-202 (Anatel stickered) and cant figure out how to clear the password. Any help will be appreciated.
Asks for a password and login. Perzagruzka does not help. There are codes of the operator? Or throw out your brand in the trash?

Asks for a password and login. Rebooting does not help. There are codes of the operator? Or throw out your brand in the trash?

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